Migration guide

If you are currently using the @stytch/stytch-js or @stytch/stytch-react SDKs, please upgrade to our newest SDK using the guides below.

Migrating to v0.5

Version 0.5.0 introduces an updated styles object used to customize the appearance of the SDK UI. This change introduces many new styling options, and restructures how existing styles are defined.

  • width is now container.width
  • primaryColor is now buttons.primary.backgroundColor
  • primaryTextColor is now colors.primary
  • secondaryTextColor is now colors.secondary
  • Note: that we have also added new buttons.secondary properties which you can check out here.

Values lightGrey and darkGrey do not have direct replacements. Check out all of the new properties we've added here.

Review this pull request to see what migrating our example app from 0.4 to 0.5 looked like.

Migrating to v0.10

Version 0.10.0 of @stytch/vanilla-js introduces our JavaScript SDKs for B2B. Check out in-depth docs for them here.

In this version, the default value of availableToSubdomains in StytchClientOptions is now false