Save time, money, and headaches — go passwordless

Cybersecurity experts agree: passwords are outdated and insecure. Give your customers a secure, hassle-free experience with passwordless authentication.
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Why passwordless

Passwordless authentication makes your product more secure and easier to use, boosting conversion and customer satisfaction in the process. For a deeper dive, read our blog on why passwordless is the future.
of data breaches stem from stolen or weak passwords.
is the average cost of every password reset ticket.
is the average cost of a cyberattack caused by compromised credentials.

Unified platform for passwordless

With Stytch’s comprehensive passwordless platform, you can build the passwordless auth flow that’s right for your business from a range of user-friendly and secure MFA factors.
email magic links

Email Magic Links

Email Magic Links reduce signup and login to just one click.
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one time passcodes

One-Time Passcodes

Onboard and authenticate your users with a simple One-Time Passcode via SMS, WhatsApp, or email.
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mobile biometrics


Offer secure and seamless login on native mobile apps using fingerprint and facial recognition, powered by Stytch's API and SDKs.
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oauth logins

OAuth Logins

Perfect for direct-to-consumer and SaaS apps, OAuth Logins with social providers like Google, Facebook, and Apple can increase sign up rates upwards of +20%.
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webauthn passkeys

Passkeys (WebAuthn)

Though relatively new to the authentication world, passkeys are quickly developing a reputation as the future of passwordless auth, and auth in general. By enabling the use of biometrics across devices, Passkeys offer an incredibly secure and flexible way for users to log in – all with the ease of a thumb-tap or glance to the camera.
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Your auth partner for the long-haul

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.
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Boost security

With Stytch, you get full protection across the entire authentication and authorization process, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools.
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A unified platform

In addition to offering a full passwordless suite, Stytch also provides other features like session management, MFA, bot prevention, or even breach-resistant passwords for those not quite ready to take the passwordless leap.
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Save time

We prioritize customer support and lightning-fast integration, so your team can get auth up and running ASAP and get back to building your product.

Not ready to go fully passwordless?

If you’re worried your users aren’t quite ready to part with passwords, Stytch also provides a best-in-class Passwords product. With features like breach detection, improved password strength assessment, simpler password resets, and a host of MFA options, we can upgrade your password experience and security until you’re ready to take the next step.
And when the time comes to go passwordless, we’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

Better Passwords

Uplevel your customers’ authentication experience with Stytch’s Password product for the 21st century — including enhanced security features like breach protection, account deduplication and a password reset flow using Email Magic Links that cuts your users’ steps from 8 to 2.
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Which passwordless options are right for me?

While we’ve written a guide on how to choose the right passwordless solutions for your business, the TL;DR comes down to three factors:
  • What kind of data does your product handle?
    The more sensitive data your product handles, the more strongly we recommend robust MFA passwordless solutions that verify the user’s identity and/or device ownership in a few different ways.
  • What kind of device do your users prefer?
    Conversion rates vary across desktop and mobile. For example, SMS one-time passcodes work well for mobile users, but add friction for desktop users. Whatever your users do, you want to pick the solutions that reduce friction from the UX.
  • What's your current reset password flow, if any?
    The majority of reset password flows are in fact passwordless: they just require a user to demonstrate ownership of an email address or phone number. This makes them good barometers for what security and UX experience your IT team and customers already find palettable.
To learn more, you can also read our guide to passwordless solutions by business vertical. And if you’d like more personalized guidance, we welcome you to talk with one of our auth experts.

Does Stytch have the latest and greatest - Passkeys?

Yes! While we definitely think passkeys live up to the hype, there are still some bumps to iron out before we feel they’re ready for prime time. For those eager about this kind of technology, we recommend WebAuthn as a good starting point.
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I keep hearing people talk about “zero trust” solutions. Is that the same as passwordless?

They’re not the same, but they are related.
Generally, “zero trust” is used to refer to a shift in how we think about and enforce cybersecurity. Instead of trusting anyone within a certain network (often referred to as a “castle and moat” approach), zero trust never trusts anyone, and verifies everyone, even if they are already on a given network. Different actions, users, and devices are all verified regularly and repeatedly in order to make sure users are who they say there.
Passwordless solutions support a zero trust solution because they offer more secure factors for verifying someone’s identity, independent of whether or not someone has somehow gained access to certain resources already.