Our mission is to eliminate friction on the internet

Why & how we’re doing it

The internet is great. A network of networks. An encyclopedia of information. A world of answers. A place to work, socialize, and connect with those around us. And yet a central component of the internet is broken.
Reed McGinley-Stempel and Julianna Lamb
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While working together at Plaid, our founders Julianna and Reed witnessed the security and user-experience shortcomings of dated authentication methods. They saw firsthand the endless frustration experienced by teams — engineers wasting valuable time building authentication solutions instead of focusing on their own product and users suffering the pain of clunky authentication experiences.
To solve this, they set out to build an all-in-one platform for modern authentication. A full suite of passwordless solutions and password-based auth, rebooted for the modern age.

Our culture & guiding values

We’re an ambitious and empathetic team that doesn’t take itself too seriously. We’re passionate about our work and its impact, and excited about the humans who want to tackle this issue with us. But we’d be nowhere without our company culture and guiding values.
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Are we thinking big enough yet?

This is a question we always ask ourselves. Our potential is limited only by our team’s ambition, creativity, and work ethic. Ambitious cultures win, but they’re also far more fun than the alternative.
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Fail fast

Failing fast means exploring new ideas and projects, and quickly testing their potential. Basically, we test something and if it doesn’t work, we move on. We’d rather fail quickly than let it drag on.
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Own it

Sometimes, it’s easier to sweep something under the carpet and pretend you didn’t see it. But at Stytch, we’re building a culture of ownership, where if you see something that needs fixing, you take the necessary steps to correct the issue.
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Constytchuents make each other & Stytch better

At Stytch we hire ambitious and empathetic humans. We're constantly improving together, through a culture of feedback. More than the sum of our parts, we're a single team with the shared goals of creating an awesome product and workplace.

Meet our people

We’re building an amazing team of people. Check out our Stytchiversary blog series to meet members of our team and to see their journeys at Stytch.

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Join an ambitious and empathetic team working to build the future of authentication.
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