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Consumer Authentication

Consumer DocsConsumer API referenceBuild auth flows that enable individual end users to log in to and sign up for your application.
Authentication of individual users
Social login with third-party accounts via OAuth and Web3
Suited for consumer-driven applications like social media, e-commerce, fintech, healthcare, Web3, etc.

B2B Authentication

B2B DocsB2B API referenceBuild auth flows that enable end users to log in to and sign up for your application as members of an organization (like a company).
Authentication of members and their organizations
Admin controls for organization settings like invites, provisioning, and domains
Integration with workforce identity providers for SSO
Suited for organization-based applications that support enterprises, teams, and collaborative data models

Fraud Prevention

Fraud DocsFraud API referenceBuild fraud prevention that empowers you to stop unauthorized access and identify who (or what) is visiting your application.
Detecting and stopping bot activity
Enforcing paywalls
Personalizations for returning or anonymous users
Preventing account takeover

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Consumer Authentication

Magic Links
Email or embedded links for passwordless login
Traditional password login
One-Time Passcodes
Passcodes delivered by SMS, WhatsApp, or email
Social login with popular third-party platforms
Session Management
Controls for storing and authenticating sessions
Native Mobile Biometrics
Fingerprint and facial recognition on mobile
Built-in biometrics and hardware keys
Secondary or two-factor authentication (2FA)
Web3 Logins
Crypto wallet login
Passkeys (beta)
FIDO Alliance credentials

B2B Authentication

Email Magic Links
Email links for passwordless login
Session Management
Controls for storing and authenticating sessions
Single Sign On
SSO with SAML and OIDC
Traditional password login
Social login with popular third-party platforms
Multi-factor Authentication
Additional verification factors for login

Fraud Prevention

Device Fingerprinting
Device identification for fine-grained traffic shaping
DFP-Protected Auth
Authentication protected by DFP


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Stytch Demo

Try our interactive consumer auth recipes (Magic Links, OAuth, Passwords, WebAuthn, Web3, etc.) with detailed breakdowns of code and API data.See auth recipes in action


Try our interactive frontend Javascript SDK, and build a customizable login flow that is production ready for consumer auth.See frontend Javascript SDK in action

Stytch B2B Demo

Try our interactive B2B auth demo to see how Members authenticate into an Organization with Email Magic Links and SAML-based Single Sign On.See B2B auth in action

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