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Base price
Everything you need to launch your consumer application.
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  • 5000 MAUs free
  • API, SDK, and front-end UI
  • Support
  • Additional MAU fee
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Base price
Full branding control to help you build your brand.
Start building
  • 5000 MAUs free
  • API, SDK, and front-end UI
  • Fully customizable emails
  • Remove Stytch branding
  • Support
  • Additional MAU fee
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Advanced features and support for all your custom needs.
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  • Custom MAU discounts
  • API, SDK, and front-end UI
  • Fully customizable emails
  • Remove Stytch branding
  • Enterprise support
  • Bot detection
  • Device fingerprinting
  • 99.99% Uptime SLAs

See how many more users you could convert with Stytch

Use our handy calculator to see how many more users you could convert by choosing Stytch. Current figures are based on data from our customers.

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Got a question about pricing? We’ve got you covered

What happens if I surpass the free user tier?

If you exceed $100 in free Stytch credits, we'll start billing you at our Developer plan pricing which is $0.05 per active user per month with no fixed term. If you want to upgrade, just reach out to our Sales Team ( and we can work with you on pricing that makes sense for your project.

Why should I trust Stytch with my users?

Stytch services are designed, developed, monitored, and updated with security at our core to protect you and your customers’ data and privacy.

In addition to holding ourselves to the highest level of infrastructure, service level, and personnel security requirements, we also build best-in-class security into the products we offer customers with features like breached password detection, bot prevention, and more.

Stytch is committed to helping our customers comply with the various regulatory frameworks our customers operate under (including but not limited to HIPAA, GDPR, CCPA, PSD2, and PCI). We also maintain a SOC 2 Type II audit and conduct continuous penetration testing. Reach out if you'd like more information.

What happens if I stop using Stytch? How can I safely export my data?

While we're sorry to see you go and would love your feedback, we'll make sure to make your data export and transition as smooth as possible. Reach out to for more information.

What is Stytch's uptime and status?

You can follow Stytch's uptime and status here. Stytch's systems have over 99.99% monthly uptime figures, and we also provide service level agreements for contracted customers.

Do you have any special offers for startups?

Yes! Please visit our Stytch for startups page to learn more.

What is a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

A monthly active user (MAU) is defined as a user that actively engages with one of Stytch’s products in a given month — the factor and frequency of logins do not impact the price. You will not be charged for any users that don’t hit an /authenticate endpoint.

Example: in month 1, a user interacts with your application and sign-ups and logs in multiple times with multiple products (e.g. Email Magic Links and OAuth). In month 2, they are dormant and don’t interact with your application. In Month 3, they come back to your application and log in multiple times. In this example, that user would only be billed for months 1 + 3, not 2.

What do you mean by volume discounts? What do I need to share to understand what discounts I might qualify for?

Stytch’s pricing process is more collaborative than most vendors because we reward your volume on our platform: the more that you use Stytch, the larger the discount you receive. Our team would love to work with you on a pricing model that matches your user base needs, reach out to us at with your projected usage to get started!