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Build modern authentication in minutes with simple and flexible pricing that scales with your business.

+ $0.05 per active user per month


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$100 in free Stytch credits to get started
Refer a friend and receive an additional $100 in Stytch credits
Includes all authentication products
  • Passwords
  • Email verification
  • Session management
  • US-based SMS verification
  • Social logins
  • Biometrics
  • Web3 logins
  • Unlimited logins per user
    Unlimited projects
    Surge protection


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    Includes all authentication products from Developer plus enterprise SSO connections, device fingerprinting and bot-resistant CAPTCHA
    Best for 5,000+ active users
    Volume discounts
    Priority support
    Uptime SLA
    Remove Stytch branding
    Custom domain support
    International SMS and WhatsApp verification

    Stytch pricing: how we’re different

    Get up and running in minutes. Only pay for when you actually authenticate users and get rewarded as you grow (unlike our competitors).

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    Use our handy calculator to see how many more users you could convert by choosing Stytch. Current figures are based on data from our customers.

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    Stytch for startups+

    Are you an early stage startup, student, non-profit, or building an open source project? Check out our exclusive offers!

    Got a question about pricing? We’ve got you covered

    What is a Monthly Active User (MAU)?

    A monthly active user (MAU) is defined as a user that actively engages with one of Stytch’s products in a given month — the factor and frequency of logins do not impact the price. You will not be charged for any users that don’t hit an /authenticate endpoint.

    Example: in month 1, a user interacts with your application and sign-ups and logs in multiple times with multiple products (e.g. Email Magic Links and OAuth). In month 2, they are dormant and don’t interact with your application. In Month 3, they come back to your application and log in multiple times. In this example, that user would only be billed for months 1 + 3, not 2.

    What happens if I exceed the $100 in free Stytch credits?

    If you exceed $100 in free Stytch credits, we'll start billing you at our Developer plan pricing which is $0.05 per active user per month with no fixed term. If you want to upgrade, just reach out to our Sales Team ( and we can work with you on pricing that makes sense for your project.

    What do you mean by volume discounts? What do I need to share to understand what discounts I might qualify for?

    Stytch’s pricing process is more collaborative than most vendors because we reward your volume on our platform: the more that you use Stytch, the larger the discount you receive. Our team would love to work with you on a pricing model that matches your user base needs, reach out to us at with your projected usage to get started!

    Do I get billed if Stytch sends an SMS passcode or an Email magic link but a user never clicks the link?

    No. You are not billed upon sending an SMS or an email, Stytch only bills when one of your users successfully authenticates (when you call one of our authenticate endpoints).