System for Cross-Domain Identity Management

System for Cross-Domain Identity Management (SCIM) is a standardized protocol used by enterprise companies to centrally manage access and identity information for all of the applications they use. Companies can make changes to their employees' information or access within their workforce Identity Provider (IdP) and have those changes automatically propagated to all of their connected applications — enabling instant updates, provisioning, and deprovisioning at scale.

For B2B SaaS applications, SCIM support is crucial for ensuring your largest customers can maintain data consistency and access management across diverse platforms.

Stytch's SCIM release

Stytch's upcoming SCIM solution will enable Organizations to enroll in SCIM, and have any changes communicated from their IdP be immediately reflected in your application.

Key features include:

  • Support for the SCIM 2.0 Spec
  • Enrolling an Organization in SCIM, and verifying a correct configuration
  • Receiving and processing all SCIM requests from the Organization's IdP on your behalf
  • Creating, updating, and deleting Members
  • Creating, updating, and deleting Groups, and adding or removing Members from Groups
  • Updating Member's Implicit Role Grants based on Group membership changes
  • Webhook subscriptions to enable keeping your internal system in sync with any SCIM-initiated changes

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