Add Stytch to your Vue webapp using the Vanilla Javascript SDK. All features in the SDK, including the pre-built UI components and headless methods, are available to use in Vue. The code block below features an example Vue component using the Composition API. You can find a full, working Vue example application here.

Stytch plans to release a Vue SDK in the future with additional hooks and methods specific to the Vue ecosystem.

// Login.vue 
<script setup>
import { onMounted } from 'vue'
import { StytchUIClient, Products } from '@stytch/vanilla-js'

const stytch = new StytchUIClient("PUBLIC_TOKEN")

const config = {
  products: [Products.emailMagicLinks, Products.oauth],
  oauthOptions: {
    providers: [{ type: 'google' }],

onMounted(() => {
    elementId: '#stytch-sdk',

  <div class="container">
    <div id="stytch-sdk"></div>