Magic links overview

Stytch magic links offer flexible ways to build one-click, passwordless authentication. Simplify your integration by using prebuilt UIs with our SDKs, or use our direct API for full control and customization.

Types of magic links

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Email magic links

Email Magic Links enable one-click login to sites and applications. Our out-of-box product handles all the frustrating and complex pieces of email deliverability, latency, and inbox placement for you.

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Embeddable magic links

Integrate seamless authentication experiences into all of your user touchpoints with our flexible Embeddable Magic Links. Send Embeddable Magic Links in your customized marketing emails, from your custom domain, via SMS, and more.

Example apps using magic links

Learn more about how Stytch works and get up and running quickly using an example app. Want to dive into the products but not the code? Try out our demo app.

Starting with a template

Examples using the Stytch frontend SDKs, for web and mobile. Includes email magic links and all of our OAuth providers, including Google One Tap!

example app

Building from scratch

Examples using the direct API integrating Stytch magic links solely on the back end.

example app