Flexible and seamless authentication for every use case

Your signup and login flows are the doors to your product – they’re where you make your first and lasting impression with your customers. But they can also occupy significant engineering resources.
Stytch gives you developer-friendly, full coverage identity and access management so that your team can build faster and get back to your product ASAP.
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Unlock growth and user satisfaction

Research shows that more than 8 in 10 consumers abandon their cart because of overly-complex signup or login processes. CIAM and auth are more than just boxes to check: how you manage identity and access can become a critical blocker or accelerant for both your engineering team and your users.
You shouldn’t have to choose between security and user experience: you deserve a CIAM platform that can give you both, unlocking growth and engineering capacity in the process.

Low-friction, high-security, infinitely customizable

Stytch provides low-friction, high-security auth at your fingertips.
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Developer-first platform

We’ve built a developer-first platform that allows your team to get up and running in a matter of hours, not weeks or months.
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High-security and variety of auth solutions

We offer a wide variety of authentication solutions, including passwordless auth flows, multi-factor and step-up authentication, and powerful fraud and risk tools to give your customers protection where they need it, without creating additional hurdles.
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Infinitely customizable

Best of all, our API, and SDKs ensure you can build the exact auth experience you want for your users, all while maintaining control of your brand. Whether your product is consumer-facing, B2B, or a hybrid, you can customize your authentication solution for your specific use case.

Your auth partner for the long-haul

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.
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Boost security

With Stytch, you get full protection across the entire authentication and authorization process, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools.
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A unified platform

In addition to offering a comprehensive CIAM platform, Stytch also provides user and session management, added security with breach-resistant passwords and bot & fraud protection, unphishable multi-factor auth solutions, and premier B2B features like single sign on and organization and access management.
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Save time

We prioritize customer support and lightning-fast integration, so your team can get auth up and running ASAP and get back to building your product.


We build all of our products developer-first, so you can get up and running in hours and minutes, not months. This includes: