Stytch's B2B SaaS example application

Explore our B2B SaaS example application built with Stytch’s SDKs. This fully functional example is for developers who are looking to integrate our multi-tenant auth solution within a SaaS-like application.

B2B example app with pre-built UIOur B2B example app features multiple auth methods, RBAC, invites, multi-tenancy, and more.

Key features showcased

Available in two versions

To showcase Sytch's flexibility and variety of integration options, our B2B example application is available in two different versions.

  1. Pre-built UI: Utilizes Stytch’s out-of-the-box UI components for quick integration and production-ready B2B auth flows. It is a frontend-focused approach, leveraging Stytch's pre-built B2B UI components and our backend SDK.
  2. Headless: Offers developers complete customization and control over their auth functionality and UI. It is a backend-focused approach, leveraging Stytch's frontend SDK headlessly and our backend SDK.