Example apps powered by Fraud Prevention

Multiple levels of fraud and risk prevention


Device Fingerprinting (DFP)

A set of customizable tools that collect robust device and browser identifiers with the utmost accuracy, empowering you to take well-informed actions for precise traffic shaping. Our DFP identifiers remain stable across incognito browsing, WebViews, VPNs, IP addresses, and more.


DFP Protected Authentication

A full-stack fraud solution that seamlessly integrates our Device Fingerprinting product with our frontend auth SDKs. It's a ready-made solution that enables you to focus solely on building auth flows while harnessing all the protective advantages of DFP.



A modern take on traditional CAPTCHA that thwarts bots by using device intelligence to encrypt the CAPTCHA. This ensures the CAPTCHA is solved where its shown - not by a bot, or by an outsourced service.