SDK Changelog

This page provides release information about our frontend JavaScript SDK packages.


Released 2024-05-07

Patch Changes

  • Loosen typings for various options to accept both string literals and TypeScript enums

  • Show error when slug is missing or no slug pattern matches during B2B Organization auth flow


Released 2024-04-26

Minor Changes

  • Add stytch.organization.getBySlug method to B2B clients


Released 2024-04-25

Minor Changes

  • B2B Google One Tap is now available in the Javascript SDK and pre-built UI components! See the guide for more detailed information.
    • You can enable One Tap in the UI components by editing the B2BOAuthOptions in your UI config - we've updated the providers type to accommodate One Tap. If you add { type: 'google', one_tap: true } to your providers list, we'll show the Google One Tap prompt in the top right of the user's browser.
    • In the Javascript SDK, you can use the stytch.oauth.googleOneTap.start() and stytch.oauth.googleOneTap.discovery.start() methods to render the One Tap prompt, depending on if you are using an organization-specific or discovery flow.


Released 2024-04-18

Minor Changes

  • Add stytch.onStateChange event listener to headless clients
  • Add getInfo method to user, session, member, and organization


Released 2024-04-12

Minor changes

  • Enable FedCM for use with Google One Tap by default. For users using supported browsers (including Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers), Google One Tap will now use FedCM to provide a sign in experience using native browser prompts.

    Due to changes in Google's One Tap SDK, this affects One Tap using both floating and embedded positioning. Notably, users of Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers will no longer see a embedded One Tap UI by default. Google will begin to remove support for this UI later this year. We recommend adopting the new default behavior, but we have added new position options if you require different behavior:

    • floating remains the default option and uses Google's One Tap SDK's default behavior. It uses FedCM (native browser UI) where available, or renders a floating UI in the top right corner otherwise.
    • floatingOrEmbedded uses FedCM where available, or renders an embedded UI in the existing SDK login form otherwise. This is the new default behavior of the embedded position, which has been deprecated and renamed for clarity.
    • embeddedOnly renders the embedded UI in the existing SDK login form if FedCM is not available, or not at all otherwise. This option is not recommended for new applications. For applications that used embedded positioning and do not want to show floating or native browser UI, this option may be useful.
    • forceLegacyEmbedded retains the legacy behavior by disabling FedCM support even where it is available. This option is not recommended and will stop being honored by Google in the future, at which time you will need to select a different option.

    The embedded position will still be recognized and treated as floatingOrEmbedded, but we recommend updating your configuration to use the new name or a different option.


Version 0.10.0 of @stytch/vanilla-js introduces our JavaScript SDKs for B2B. Check out in-depth docs for them here.

In this version, the default value of availableToSubdomains in StytchClientOptions is now false


Version 0.5.0 introduces an updated styles object used to customize the appearance of the SDK UI. This change introduces many new styling options, and restructures how existing styles are defined.

  • width is now container.width
  • primaryColor is now buttons.primary.backgroundColor
  • primaryTextColor is now colors.primary
  • secondaryTextColor is now colors.secondary
  • Note: that we have also added new buttons.secondary properties which you can check out here.

Values lightGrey and darkGrey do not have direct replacements. Check out all of the new properties we've added here.

Review this pull request to see what migrating our example app from 0.4 to 0.5 looked like.