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Remove authentication headaches with an all-in-one suite for B2B auth

Integrate SSO, MFA, and more in days - rather than months - with Stytch's secure, frictionless identity and access management (IAM) suite.
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The challenge for B2B companies

Authentication and authorization are critical components for any B2B software business. However, building and managing authentication features that satisfy the various requirements from your customers is a complex and resource-intensive undertaking.

With Stytch, your engineers can focus on building and maintaining your product, and we’ll handle your authentication and authorization needs.

Stytch's B2B Auth platform

An all-in-one suite for B2B auth and user management that’s customizable to your customers’ needs

With Stytch, your engineers can focus on building and maintaining your product, and we’ll handle your authentication and authorization needs. Quickly make your app enterprise-ready with Stytch’s out-of-the box support for enterprise federations, advanced security features like MFA, and membership provisioning.
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Manage and customize identity workflows for all of your business customers from a single Stytch tenant using Stytch’s native support for Organizations. For users who are members to multiple organizations, we streamline their login flow by allowing them to exchange sessions without logging in again.
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Single Sign On

Meet enterprise requirements and lighten your customers' load by enabling Single Sign On for a streamlined login experience. For flexibility, Stytch supports OIDC and SAML. Our SSO solution is compatible with all major IdPs including Okta, Azure, Google, Ping, Auth0, OneLogin, JumpCloud, Duo, ADFS, Cloudflare, and many more.
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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Giver your customers peace of mind by supporting MFA - including factors like SMS, time-based one-time passcodes, biometrics — and granular organization-level settings.
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Just-in-Time (JIT) Provisioning

Save your customers time with JIT provisioning, allowing them to automate secure account creation for users who meet predetermined criteria without an explicit invite.
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Invitation Management

Give your user invites a security and UX boost with email magic links, along with a whole suite of controls and features for your customers to manage invitations.
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Approved Domains

Simplify account creation and provisioning for your customers with approved domains that help streamline JIT and Invite settings while giving them ultimate control and customizability.
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Approved Authentication Methods

Provide customers with flexible security solutions, so they can set which authentication methods are allowed for their app’s customers on a per-organization basis.
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Built-in fraud and risk prevention

Help your customers stop bot abuses like fake account creation and account takeovers in their tracks with Stytch’s built-in fraud tools like Device Fingerprinting and Strong CAPTCHA.

So, why Stytch?

Stytch offers low-friction B2B authentication that enhances your customers’ security while prioritizing a positive end-user experience that drives conversion and adoption.
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A unified platform

Enable your customers to configure and manage all of their authentication and user access requirements. With Stytch, you have a single platform for managing all elements of B2B onboarding, authentication, and authorization.
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Our flexible API and SDKs empower your team to easily build the authentication experience that you want with minimal engineering investment. We provide the documentation, support, and tools you need to implement and manage authentication.
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Boost conversion

Enable low-friction authentication that doesn’t compromise on security so you can prioritize a better end-user experience that drives conversion and adoption.

Learn more through Stytch’s B2B auth school