Device Fingerprinting

Keep bad actors out – and let good users in

Stop fraud, spam, and account takeovers – all while providing legitimate users a great experience.
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The challenge

Getting ahead of fraud

While the majority of your traffic is likely to be legitimate users engaging with your business, a substantial amount of application traffic is malicious - whether it's bots attempting to take over user accounts or fraudsters abusing your platform. It’s critical to be able to accurately identify and distinguish your users with the utmost accuracy so you can effectively stop fraud while still providing a great user experience to your legitimate users.
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Device Fingerprinting for better security and user experience

Stytch's Device Fingerprinting provides a set of customizable tools for your business to accurately identify devices. Stytch’s device fingerprints remain stable across incognito browsing, webviews, VPNs, changes to user agent or IP addresses, and more.

Key components

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Device classification grouping

Stytch automatically classifies devices into categories based on the level of trust (e.g. likelihood that it’s bot or malicious traffic), whether it’s a known device or device type, and its current authorization status. You can customize rules and set the actions taken based on the grouping that a device falls into.
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Globally Unique Id

Stytch also provides a unique identifier for each device that you can leverage if you want granular-level controls to determine how you respond to individual users’ devices.
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Stytch provides three default suggested actions – Allow, Block, and Challenge – that can be taken for each device grouping or unique device ID. The Challenge action recommends the user to undergo step-up authentication (e.g. 2FA or a CAPTCHA challenge).

Potential use cases

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Stop bot activity

Easily distinguish bot traffic from legitimate traffic. You can automatically block bot activity or challenge with Stytch’s Strong CAPTCHA to ensure that it’s a real user.
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Prevent account takeover attempts

Use stable device identifiers to flag unauthorized login attempts and adjust authentication friction accordingly to improve security.
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Block fraudulent users

Blacklist fraudulent and unwanted user devices to automatically block their activity on your application.
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Personalize experiences for returning users

Reduce friction and provide personalized experiences for logged out users to improve conversion rates.
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Reduce friction for returning users

Provide lower friction logins on future browsing sessions for users who have completed validation in a previous session.

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