Embeddable Magic Links

Frictionless login from any customer touchpoint

Use our API to weave magic links into your marketing comms. By embedding tokens into the CTAs in your email, SMS, or other marketing campaigns, you can allow users to jump into your app without having to re-authenticate and drive up to a 300% conversion improvement.
Screenshot of embeddable magic link email

Embeddable Magic Links

Reduce friction

Use our magic link create endpoint to embed magic links into all of your end-user communications, and ultimately improve both conversion and retention.
Screenshot of grocery order email
Screenshot of engagement survey email

Just-in-time authentication

Layer on multiple auth methods

Layer on step-up authentication (using SMS OTP for example) at any point throughout your user’s session for additional security.
Screenshot of jit authentication mobile passcode message
Screenshot of jit authentication mobile message

Drive conversion & retention

Remove user friction when re-engaging by having them magically sign in with one click.

Adapt your auth logic

Weave together any of Stytch's other passwordless products to protect even the most sensitive user actions.

Embed into any use case

Integrate magic links into any use case you can imagine — cart abandonment emails, promotional texts, links to bank statements, and more.

How it works

Weave into a range of customer interactions, with ease

Embed magic links into your existing user comms — seamlessly log in your users directly from their email or SMS inbox — and guide them back to an authenticate experience.

Our platform

Explore other authentication products

Pick the product that’s most suited to your app and user experience by choosing from a range of options.