Keep bots out, let humans in

Use our API and SDKs to streamline the last mile of signup and login with our Strong CAPTCHA product. Unlike most CAPTCHA solutions, we’ve built added protection to keep out bots and CAPTCHA farms, while giving a smooth and simple login experience for your users.
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Exposing the public key problem

Getting ahead of CAPTCHA fraud

CAPTCHA tests are designed to prove a user is a person, not a bot. Unfortunately, they’re highly vulnerable to a cottage industry of CAPTCHA fraud, in which bad actors outsource solving the test to people on behalf of bots. These companies (also called “CAPTCHA farms”) exploit CAPTCHA’s public key architecture to create scalable attack vectors for bots and impose friction and cost on both users and business in the form of fraud, wasted resources and time.
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No key, no problem

Bot-proof and farm-proof

By eradicating public keys, Strong CAPTCHA protects your users from bots and farms, all while minimizing churn for your team.
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Seamless integration

Works with any auth flow

With our API and SDKs, you can add Strong CAPTCHA seamlessly onto any authentication flow, whether it's built in-house or built with Stytch. Strong CAPTCHA is compatible with all web-based and native mobile experiences.
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Protect against breaches

Stytch completely removes the public key component from all client-side browser environments, protecting your users from bots and CAPTCHA farms alike. Stop bot attacks that lead to account takeover fraud.
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Same experience, better security

Stytch allows our customers to offer the same familiar experience to their end-users with full confidence that the CAPTCHA will not be defrauded.
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Flexible & composable

Strong CAPTCHA works seamlessly with any authentication flow or Stytch product. Tag it onto your onboarding flow, password-based login, an MFA solution, or your checkout form – the choice is totally up to you.

How it works

Upgraded and secured for the modern user

Strong CAPTCHA adds an extra layer of assurance to protect from bot attacks, with no additional friction for your users.

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