Consumer Applications

Strike the perfect balance between security and UX

In minutes rather than months, Stytch provides everything you need to let good users in as frictionlessly as possible and everything you need to detect and keep bad actors out.
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The challenge of user authentication

Your sign up and log in flows are the gateway to your product. But too often modern day auth solutions force consumer companies to sacrifice user experience in the name of security.

At Stytch, we deliver both: we keep your app secure and your users happy. Our suite of easy-to-implement, frictionless auth solutions are customizable to fit your needs and those of your customers.

Let good users in

Make auth easy on your users with Stytch's full suite of frictionless auth solutions

Better Passwords

Better Passwords

Uplevel your customers’ authentication experience with Stytch’s Password solution for the 21st century — including enhanced security features like breach protection, account deduplication and a password reset flow using Email Magic Links that cuts your users’ steps from 8 to 2.
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Passwordless Suite

Reduce friction and drive user conversion and retention with Stytch’s full suite of best-in-class passwordless solutions. We use a broad range of factors so you can meet your customers where they’re most comfortable.
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Just in time authentication

Just-in-time Authentication

Protect your users’ data and their time with auth that flexes to meet the right level of risk. Stytch’s route-based model (aka just-in-time) makes it easy for you to verify users and gate specific higher-risk actions, so that there’s no compromise on authentication engagement.
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Keep bad actors out

Protect against bad actors and bot-based attacks while eliminating unnecessary user friction


Multi-factor authentication

Bolster your defenses with a layered approach to user authentication. Stytch’s solutions are modular and designed to be used together. Provide added security without added friction with "phishing-resistant" products like Passkeys and WebAuthn, or with 2FA features like Passcodes and Authenticator Apps.
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step-up authentication

Step-up authentication

82% of all breaches involve weak or stolen credentials. Up your customers’ protection and trust when the risk and stakes are high with Passwords breach protection and added auth factors for those extra sensitive transactions.
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Bot detection and prevention

Bot detection and prevention

Malicious bots account for over 30% of all internet traffic. Quickly detect and thwart fraudulent or malicious actors with bot-targeted products like Strong CAPTCHA and device fingerprinting.
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So, why Stytch?

A fully integrated suite of authentication and authorization products, Stytch’s auth platform gives your company everything you need to protect and identify your users — customizable to fit your brand. No more headaches, for you, your team, or your customers.
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A unified platform

Enable your users to configure and manage all of their authentication and user access requirements. With Stytch, you have a single platform for managing all elements of B2C onboarding, authentication, and authorization.
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Our flexible API and SDKs empower your team to easily build the authentication experience that you want with minimal engineering investment. We provide the documentation, support, and tools you need to implement and manage authentication.
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Boost conversion

Enable low-friction authentication that doesn’t compromise on security so you can prioritize a better end-user experience that drives conversion and adoption.

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