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All-in-one authentication, authorization, and fraud prevention infrastructure with powerful APIs and SDKs

We migrated tens of millions of users from Auth0 to Stytch in less than a month. It was far and away the easiest migration I’ve ever worked on.

Archana Sankaranarayanan
Dir of Engineering
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Customer authentication

A developer-focused platform with unparalleled flexibility, to handle any use-case at any scale
Purpose-built for consumer and multi-tenant B2B apps
Purpose-built for consumer and multi-tenant B2B apps
Full suite of primary and secondary auth options
Full suite of primary and secondary auth options
Provisioning and access control with SSO, RBAC, and SCIM
Provisioning and access control with SSO, RBAC, and SCIM
Integrate with pre-built UI, frontend headless, and backend API and SDKs
Integrate with pre-built UI, frontend headless, and backend API and SDKs

All your auth needs met – and then some

Stytch is a one-stop shop for all your authentication and security requirements. From device fingerprinting to bot protection, we have everything you need to protect your product and your customers, now and in the future.
B2B Authentication

Enterprise-ready authentication and authorization

An organization-first approach for businesses that's built to scale.

An API for every use case

Stytch is the only auth provider with a comprehensive set of APIs that enables you to build the exact end-to-end auth flow you need, whatever your stack.

Get ahead of account takeover attacks before they happen with additional features like custom strength policies and compromised password detection. Docs

Build without limits

With multiple ways to integrate, we give you the tools you need to craft an authentication flow that feels like a core part of your product, not an isolated login page.
Example Apps

Example Apps

Start building today with some of our most popular example apps:
Next.js on Github
React on Github
B2B Next.js on Github
Demo Apps

Demo Apps

Skip the installs and see our code in action with one of our demo apps:
Consumer auth demo
Frontend SDK demo
B2B auth demo


Check out some of our most popular guides:
Multi-tenancy for B2B auth
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Multiple ways to integrate

Backend API and SDKs

Our direct API also makes it simple to integrate in any language, and our SDKs integrate tightly with your application's backend services.

Frontend and mobile SDKs

Our frontend and mobile SDKs enable you to wire custom UI to communicate directly with Stytch's API.

Pre-built UI

Our frontend JavaScript SDK offers pre-built UI with customizable login and signup forms. Configure your preferred auth methods, and customize to match your product.
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See how Stytch compares

We made it easy to get an honest view of how Stytch compares to other auth providers. Common themes include our API-first flexibility, wide range of auth factors (minus the feature-gates), and pricing that still makes sense as you scale.

Never switch auth providers again

Whether you’re building your first MVP or have millions of users, Stytch is ready to help. Offload the tough decisions on us, so you can get back to scaling your product.


Stytch has built scalable infrastructure to support your growth. We ensure 99.999% uptime SLAs with a multi-region, highly resilient design.
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With features like provider failover and account deduplication, we’ve built our infrastructure to enable you to scale without limits.
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Stytch maintains a robust security program and can help you meet various industry or regulatory requirements with 3rd party verifications (SOC2, ISO27001, etc).
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Your success is our success. Whether you prefer our forum, docs, email, or Slack, our support team is there for you whenever and wherever you need us.
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