Build in minutes,
scale without limits

Stytch's API and SDKs help you deliver secure, intuitive auth your customers will love, with tools your team will thank you for.

Auth is a heavy lift.
Stytch lightens your load.

Our mission is simple: make authentication easy for developers. We handle the hard stuff for you, so you can get back to perfecting your product.
Auth layers diagram

All your auth needs met – and then some.

Stytch is a one-stop shop for all your authentication and security requirements. From device fingerprinting to bot protection, we have everything you need to protect your product and your customers, now and in the future.

Build faster, build better

Built by developers, for developers, Stytch's API and SDKs let you own your user experience, without compromising security. Whatever your codebase, we have the tools to get you building today.

How Stytch works

There's no one right way to build with Stytch. Whether you want high-touch, high control, or more of a set-it-and-forget it approach, our SDKs and API have what you need.

See how Stytch compares

We made it easy to get an honest view of how Stytch compares to other auth providers. Common themes include our API-first flexibility, wide range of auth factors (minus the feature-gates), and pricing that still makes sense as you scale.

What customers are saying

Your auth partner for the long haul

You can't afford the time or resources to change auth providers every three years.
Stytch offers the control, flexibility, and ongoing support to scale and evolve your auth as you grow.

Go on, shoot for the moon. We'll provide the extra propulsion.