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The authentication platform for developers

Onboard, authenticate, and engage your users with Stytch’s APIs. Improve security and user experience with flexible, passwordless authentication solutions. Let us build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product. logo
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The future of the internet is passwordless

By the end of this decade, online passwords will be a thing of the past. Remember the fax machine? Nope, neither do we.

Why passwordless auth?

Out-of-the-box solutions that work with your brand

Our SDKs offer flexible templates that can be tailored to your colors, fonts, and logo, so you can easily create seamless onboarding and authentication experiences that delight users and complement your brand—without the trouble of building UI from the ground up.

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Maximum customization, minimal hassle

For even more control over your user experience, choose our direct API integration, which considers both developer and user experience to ensure fast, safe, and easy passwordless authentication flows. We make the integration quick and painless, with clear and comprehensive documentation.

curl -X POST \
  -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
  -u 'project-live-c60c0abe-c25a-4472-a9ed-320c6667d317:secret-live-80JASucyk7z_G8Z-7dVwZVGXL5NT_qGAQ2I=' \
  -d '{
    "email": "",
    "login_magic_link_url": "",
    "signup_magic_link_url": "",
    "expiration_minutes": 60

Scale with Stytch

Our flexible features support you as you grow.

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Built-in redundancy

Vendor downtime directly impacts your ability to engage users, which is why we’ve built failover logic across multiple vendors for SMS and email.

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Powerful security

Improve security and avoid account takeovers with passwordless authentication.

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Scaled pricing

Only pay for what you use, with no surprises or hidden costs. Our pricing scales with you, providing volume discounts as you grow. logo

“The Stytch approach to IAM is both elegant and forward looking and we are really excited about building out the web3 space together with their amazing team. The Stytch login will first power our token sale at, and then be rolled out to the entire ecosystem. With their detailed documentation, SDKs for the most popular programming languages, and strong development support, the whole process has been very straightforward and easy.”

— Paul Bergamo, Product Manager,

Security and privacy is at our core

Stytch is certified to the highest industry standards—protecting you and your customer's privacy. We have completed a full third-party SOC2 Type II audit and offer HIPAA BAA agreements to companies operating in the healthcare industry.

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Go passwordless with Stytch