The auth platform for

Build simple onboarding and authentication experiences with Stytch’s flexible API and SDKs. Get started in minutes, boost security, and increase user conversion.

Our Platform

Your all-in-one platform for authentication

A fully integrated suite of authentication and authorization products, Stytch’s platform removes the headache of identity and access management. Everything you need — customizable to fit your brand.

Developer-first approach

The authentication and authorization toolkit for developers

Built by developers, for developers, Stytch’s API and SDKs let you own your user experience, without compromising security.

Flexible solutions that work for any product

Embed a variety of products for sign up and log in with super flexible integration options, including a backend API and client-side JavaScript or native mobile SDKs that let you choose between owning the frontend or using our off the shelf components.

So, why Stytch?

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.

Save time

Add authentication in minutes — not months — with out-of-the-box solutions. No need to build your own auth team or platform.

Boost security

Improve security, avoid account takeovers, and ensure trust in your brand with modern authentication.

Drive conversion

Streamline onboarding and authentication, drive your user engagement, and increase conversion.

Hear from our customers

The future of the internet is passwordless

By the end of this decade, online passwords will be a thing of the past. Remember the fax machine? Nope, neither do we.


We take your security seriously

Stytch is certified to the highest industry standards — protecting you and your customer's privacy. We’ve completed a full third-party SOC2 Type II audit and offer HIPAA BAA agreements to companies operating in the healthcare industry.