SAML SSO overview

Stytch allows your organizations to use SAML SSO as an authentication method. Stytch will act as the Service Provider (SP) in front of your organizations, and interface with the Identity Provider (IdP), which will provide authentication assertions.

Attribute mappings:

Stytch requires any identity provider to specify the email and name of the member attempting to log in. It parses these from the attributes sent in the IdP's assertion to Stytch. To recognize which attributes correspond to which fields, Stytch allows your connection to define an attribute_mapping.

An example attribute_mapping looks like this:

"attribute_mapping": {
		"email": "email",
		"full_name": "name"

Stytch requires either the full_name key to be present, or both the first_name and last_name keys. Additionally, Stytch requires an email key to be present if the NameID format sent by the IdP is not an email.

The attribute mapping can be set in the Update SAML Connection endpoint.

Single sign-on URLs:

Some IdPs may ask for a single sign-on URL. This is listed as the acs_url in the SAML connection object. Note that for Stytch's purposes, the acs_url and audience_uri are the same value.