Spotlight on Dennis Huang



February 16, 2022

Author: Stytch Team

What do you love most about working at Stytch? 

The people! And the sheer variety of things I get to work on. 

What does a typical day at Stytch look like for you?

I feel like my days can be all over the place sometimes, but if I had to summarize, it would be a mix of meetings, ideally a few hours of focus time to work on some of my longer-term projects, and handling any one-off requests that come up during the day. I would say my work is a 50/50 split between dashboards/reporting and special projects.

What’s been the most surprising thing about Stytch?

Our culture, and I mean this in the best way possible! I think it’s extremely rare to find the blend of kindness and competence we have, and it’s really a testament to the whole team that our culture has continued to scale alongside our headcount. Working here is a lot of fun!

Stytch has gone from 0-1 in the last year, what have been some of your biggest learnings about joining an early stage company?

This may sound obvious, but just how quickly things move at an early stage startup. We’re such a different company now from where we were when I first joined, and I have no doubt that we’ll be a completely different company in just a few months, if not sooner. 

Working at an early stage company definitely requires a level of personal and professional agility/flexibility, but it’s also so exciting to see how the company evolves and grows.

What’s your favorite part of the Stytch culture?

I hope I’m not beating a dead horse here, but our team! My co-workers are such wonderful people, and I oftentimes find myself taking a longer than expected lunch break because I’m enjoying the conversations we’re having so much.

Which Stytch value resonates most with you and why?

“Own it”

I feel like working in BizOps means supporting the team, and I’m only successful when I can help others be successful. This value resonates with me the most because I’m always trying to find ways to help and unblock others and doing things behind the scenes to reduce friction for everyone else.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve worked on at Stytch?

Building out our internal dashboards. There’s nothing quite like that “aha!” moment when you’re able to surface and visualize data. It puts everything into focus, and gives everyone else the necessary context to make the next strategic decision.

There’s a saying that goes, “if you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”, and it’s been very rewarding to play a part in unlocking some insights for the team.

How did you end up working in Business Operations?


In all seriousness, I don’t have a great answer here. I started my career in I-banking, and then was a VC for a while. I knew I wanted to transition from finance to be an operator, but I really wasn’t sure what functional role would make the most sense for me. Fortunately, BizOps at Stytch is more of a generalist role, and that’s given me the opportunity to touch on a really broad range of things.

When’s the last time you did something for the first time and what was it?

I traveled to Africa (South Africa and Mozambique) for the first time for my honeymoon a few weeks ago! I’m still dreaming about that trip.

What song, hobby, or recipe got you through COVID?

I’m not sure if getting a dog counts as a “hobby”, but we adopted Dumpling right before lockdowns and she’s been a godsend. She gave us an excuse to go for long walks and explore the city, which definitely helped keep us sane! Plus she is very cute 🙂 

What’s your ideal weekend?

A nice hike with the dog, getting some delicious food with friends, and watching an unhealthy amount of football

What’s something you’re passionate about that’s not on your resume?

Fashion. I have way too many pairs of sneakers


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