Vessel + Ratio: making crypto accessible



May 17, 2022

Author: Stytch Team

Ratio is on a mission to make crypto as accessible as possible, by making adding money to your crypto wallet as easy as adding money to Venmo or Cash App. That means giving crypto wallet users familiar “add money” options, like payroll direct deposit and instant transfers from a bank account. All without the funding fees, processing fees, and wait times associated with traditional crypto exchanges. 

This mission was something that really resonated with us, as crypto accessibility is one of the core reasons why we embarked on our journey to build Vessel, our reimagined take on what a more approachable and inclusive crypto wallet could look like. Vessel eschews confusing seed phrases, and instead, uses known Web2 patterns (a password & a PIN) to generate a non-custodial private key. This lowers the barrier to entry for many users, without sacrificing the security and data portability that Web3 offers. 

Starting today, you can use Vessel to sign up and sign in to Ratio.

When you sign up for Ratio using Vessel, your Vessel wallet addresses become the default for both Ethereum and Solana payouts. Because Vessel is multi-chain by design, you don’t have to juggle separate wallets for Ethereum and Solana. 


We’re so excited to be partnering with Ratio on their mission to make crypto more accessible for everyone, and we’re incredibly proud to see them officially launch and take the covers off of their product! 

You can sign up for Ratio today here to start saving crypto, fee-free, or learn more about Ratio at their blog.

You can also download the Vessel Chrome extension here.


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