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Built B2B authentication into their platform in under 2 days

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Mintlify is streamlining docs creation and maintenance for the 21st century. Like Stytch, they recognize how valuable developer resourcing is, and want to make it as easy and efficient as possible for their customers to create and maintain beautiful product documentation that drives conversion. A Y Combinator company, Mintlify (YC W22) now powers product documentation that’s seen by 100,000+ developers every month.

With Stytch, Mintlify was able to build B2B authentication into their platform in under two days, all while owning their customer experience end-to-end.

Partnership highlights

  • Speed: After struggling to build their own membership model with organization tenancy in-house, Mintlify was thrilled to build B2B auth with Stytch in less than two days.
  • Customizability: Mintlify was able to use Stytch’s SDKs to build the exact auth experience they knew was best for their customers, creating a seamless flow with the rest of their product.
  • Self-guided implementation: To build B2B auth, Mintlify relied almost exclusively on Stytch’s documentation, example code, SDKs, and guides. This allowed them to move quickly and build effectively, without getting bogged down in backtracking or troubleshooting.

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B2B Authentication


As a B2B product, organization tenancy, and organization membership were non-negotiables for Mintlify’s team. But when they tried to build it in-house, they realized that what seemed like a simple last-mile feature was actually the tip of the iceberg of very complicated and crucial infrastructure.

“Trying to build B2B auth ourselves was so much harder than I anticipated. We spent a long time trying to figure it out…Things like organization affiliation, invitations, and signup email flows were incredibly nuanced, and I don’t think the average developer knows and understands that until they do it.”

Han Wang, Co-Founder at Mintlify

But when they looked at various third party providers, they were frustrated to find that every available option required sacrificing core parts of their desired user experience, whether it was the design and UI of the login page, or org-specific customizations. They were also frustrated to find that not a single third party auth provider offered built-in organization tenancy, requiring a great deal of extra work for their engineering team to build a organization/member model on their own.

“I think most technical buyers basically want auth, and they want it done fast without having to think too much about it. If you work with an option like Auth0, it may be fast but…you lose control over the experience.”

Han Wang, Co-Founder at Mintlify


Stytch’s organization-first solution and data model immediately removed the most complex and time-consuming parts of building B2B authentication, while our SDKs and documentation made it easy for the team to build exactly what they needed.

"“What I love about Stytch is you have a default option that is fast and super easy, but you also provide ample tools for devs who want to build and customize the experience for their users.”

Han Wang, Co-Founder at Mintlify

By delivering customizability alongside best-in-class developer resources, Mintlify was able to get the best of both worlds: lightning-speed time-to-value, with the dev-first experience their customers expect from a YC-backed developer platform.


  • Decimated development time: Stytch’s developer tools, from their docs to their SDKs, allowed the Mintlify team to build B2B auth in 1/10 the time – so they could get back to focusing on their core product.
  • Fine-grained control: With developers for end users, Mintlify needed to be able to deliver a consistent experience across their platform. Stytch’s SDKs enabled them to build the exact controls and UI their customers expected, while Stytch handled the underlying logic and infrastructure that powered that experience.
  • A solution that scales: Stytch’s built-in org-first model provides Mintlify with the auth infrastructure they’ll need as their startup scales to take on larger, more enterprise customers. Any adjustments like invitation settings and adding new auth factors are quick and easy - without any significant overhead.

“The integration took us about a day or two. With Stytch, we cut the time spent on B2B auth to about a tenth of what it would’ve been, and then got to use that time we saved actually building the product we needed. Stytch helped us ship much faster than we would have otherwise”

Han Wang, Co-Founder at Mintlify

The bottom line

Mintlify has big ambitions to grow beyond documentation and build a comprehensive developer communication platform. With Stytch’s B2B auth solution, they can pursue their vision without ever worrying about their authentication architecture holding them back. We’re excited to fuel their growth as they take on powering the web’s documentation.

What can Stytch do for you?

Jump into our Docs to learn more about our B2B auth solution — or sign up for a free account to try them out for yourself. Have questions? Reach us via Slack, Stytch Forum , or email.