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From Auth0 to Stytch in just one week

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Orb is revolutionizing billing, one invoice at a time. With an end-to-end workflow that covers usage tracking, invoicing, and reporting, they offer a comprehensive platform to help RevOps and Product teams track and bill accurately, transparently, and smoothly.

With Stytch, Orb was able to offer their customers a more reliable and scalable SSO experience, one that could flex as the needs of their customer base evolves.

Orb migrated from Auth0 to Stytch SSO in just one week, all while achieving a higher standard of reliability and performance.

Partnership highlights

  • Simplicity: With SAML’s extensive list of footguns and vulnerabilities, along with the challenges of scalable SSO in general, Orb appreciated that Stytch abstracted away the tough stuff to make the migration and management easy on their eng team.

  • Smooth migration: With an auth solution already up and running, Orb needed to migrate off of Auth0 as quickly and painlessly as possible. With Stytch, they were able to migrate over in one week, without their customers any the wiser.

  • Developer support: Stytch’s documentation, SDKs and online support gave Orb the tools they needed to implement quickly and seamlessly, as well as confidence they were working with a team who understood the needs of their developers.

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While Orb knew that Auth0 was no longer the right long-term auth partner for their product, they had a few core requirements as they evaluated alternatives:

  • Backwards compatibility: Whichever provider they went with Orb needed a smooth migration to make sure that no users would notice a difference. The last thing you need from your pricing and invoice platform is a disruption to access or services.

  • Session management: Many auth and SSO providers unfortunately still don’t offer session management. Orb needed an identity platform that could handle sessions for them. Building in-house was too resource-intensive, and they wanted the peace of mind that comes with knowing your sessions are managed by a dedicated, expert team.

  • Maximal simplicity: With a lot of SSO providers, organizations are not built into the authentication data models, requiring extra coding, customizing, and branching paths for the auth customer. Orb was looking for a partner that could effectively abstract any complexity away from the process, so that they could manage different auth SSO requirements for their various customers with minimal lift.

“When we started exploring Stytch as an option, we were immediately impressed by the team’s thoughtful documentation, responsive support on the community Slack channel, and the quality of the SDKs which would effectively be a drop-in replacement for Auth0.”

sri raghavan, Founding Engineer at Orb

Stytch not only met these expectations, but exceeded them with the dev-centered approach we have taken to all of our resources, from docs to SDKs to our community Slack. It also helped that the way we handle SIEM audit logging and capacity for defining fine-grained role requirements aligned with where they hoped to take their enterprise tier next.


When it came time to migrate from Auth0 to Stytch, Orb was excited by the way Stytch’s API and SDK designed allowed them to home in on the aspects of auth they really wanted to customize for the sake of their customer base, while making a lot of the trickier configurations as simple as “flipping a bit.” Because of that balance between abstractions and flexibility in the right places, Orb was able to migrate to Stytch in just one week.

“It’s remarkable how much work well-thought-out abstractions can do for you. Since Stytch handles the initial request to determine available login methods, requiring SAML or Google login is as simple as flipping a bit via Stytch’s API. And, Stytch’s headless SDK made it incredibly easy to layering our UI design onto everything, so the look and feel of the product was maintained.”

sri raghavan, Founding Engineer at Orb

Additionally, Stytch doubled down on reliability so Orb could rest easy. After having navigated performance issues with their prior auth provider, Stytch’s guarantees around keeping up with identity providers gave them great peace of mind.

“Stytch entirely removes the need for us to keep up with any breaking changes that Okta, OneLogin, or Azure may introduce since it consumes those redirect flows.”

sri raghavan, Founding Engineer at Orb


  • Integrated UI: Stytch’s headless SDKs gave Orb complete control over their own UI, making SSO feel like a integrated part of their product.

  • Enterprise-ready: SAML SSO is a critical lever for Orb’s growth and upmarket appeal, and with Stytch’s SSO they’re well equipped to meet enterprise product requirements.

  • Conserved developer resources: No company wants to replace their auth provider – it can be time-consuming and potentially disruptive. But with Orb’s one-week migration and continual support from the Stytch team, they were able to move quickly and get back to building their core product.

The bottom line

When originally launched, Orb’s enterprise-level SAML SSO still required a ten minute onboarding call with the Orb team to configure. Orb is excited to be developing a self-serve experience within the Stytch dashboard, to make SSO and enterprise onboarding even easier on their customers.

What can Stytch do for you?

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