Native Mobile Biometrics Authentication

Make sure your users are who they say they are

Offer secure and seamless log in on native mobile apps using fingerprint and facial recognition powered by Stytch's API.
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Enjoy best-in-class security

Get additional security advantages by tying authentication to a user’s device instead of their phone number.
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Leverage flexible integration options

Biometrics can work as a primary authentication factor or more commonly, as a secondary factor.

How it works

Log in with a touch or glance

Allow your users to log in with ease and keep them engaged with your core experience.

Goodbye passwords, hello biometrics

Biometrics have become a popular way for web-based apps to layer low-friction step-up auth into user workflows — for good reason. Biometrics ensure a user demonstrates both possession of an original device and a unique biometric trait. Hackable? Forget it.
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We take your security seriously

Stytch is certified to the highest industry standards — protecting you and your customers' privacy. We regularly complete third-party SOC2 Type II audits and offer HIPAA BAA agreements to companies operating in the healthcare industry. Stytch fully supports companies that require PCI compliance for their vendors. Additionally, utilizing the Stytch services can help you meet PSD2 and strong customer authentication requirements.
For. more information on Stytch's security and compliance practices, refer to the Security section of our Docs.

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