Session Management

The smarter way to manage user access

Use our API and SDKs to implement sessions in a way that provides fine-grained controls and step-up auth, and achieve both security and usability. Opaque session tokens and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs) are both supported by Stytch.
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Session Tokens

Maximize security with Stytch session tokens

Session tokens are a session management solution that allow for maximum control over validating and revoking sessions. On each request, the session token is verified server side to ensure its validity.
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Need more flexibility? Opt for JWTs

Stytch’s JSON Web Tokens (or JWTs) provide a way to locally verify your user’s session without contacting Stytch’s servers on every request. It’s a great tool if you’re looking to reduce server load and improve latency, while still maintaining the ability to check the Stytch servers for session staleness before more sensitive requests
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Just-in-time authentication

Don't sacrifice usability for security

Front-loaded authentication methods have long dominated the security landscape, leading to undue friction at the front door of an app experience. Stytch’s route-based model (aka just-in-time) makes it easy for you to verify users and gate specific actions, so that there’s no compromise on authentication engagement.
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Tailor to your use case

JWTs allow you to verify session data client side while session tokens are verified server side and give you more control over managing sessions.

Improve session security

Manage your users more securely and avoid the common missteps in rolling out your own solution.

Enjoy just-in-time authentication

Perform route-based auth with ease, and precisely control the level of authentication that any sensitive action requires.

How it works

Manage sessions with fine-grained controls

Easily manage interactions between any app and your users, without compromising on security or usability.

Our platform

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