Onboarding the next Web3 wave with Crossmint + Stytch



March 9, 2023

Author: Christopher O'Neill


Crossmint’s mission is to make NFTs easy to access for users and simple to deploy for developers and enterprises. Part of that mission means bridging the gap between users that are comfortable with Web2 but aren’t yet Web3 native.

Onboarding this wave of users means building familiar and delightful onboarding flows – that’s where Stytch comes in.


See how you can build API first and combine the best of both Web2/3 worlds with our Stytch + Crossmint example app and guide. Now, you can deploy Stytch’s seamless authentication (social and passwordless) with Crossmint’s powerful wallet APIs to launch an end-to-end wallet onramp in minutes.

Check out Crossmint’s blog post about this launch or jump into writing code with their guide!


About Crossmint

Crossmint is a leading NFT infrastructure provider, with tools like credit card payments for NFTs, enterprise-grade minting APIs, and secure NFT custodial wallets. We’ve supported over 9,000 developers and enterprises – including key customers like Magic Eden, Origin, Rarible, X2Y2, Crown Royal / Diageo, Salesforce, Cinemark, Armin van Buuren and more.

Read more about Crossmint at their website, docs, or contact sales to learn more.


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