Stytch + Cerbos + FastAPI: Flexible authentication meets decoupled role and access management

December 10, 2022
Author: Stytch Team

We love finding innovative, like-minded partners in the market we can work with to build even stronger solutions for our customers. That’s why we’re so excited by Cerbos’ latest demo, which walks you through integrating Stytch Email Magic Links and Sessions with Cerbos' decoupled authorization for dialed-in, secure role and access management. In this demo, you’ll learn how to:

  • Easily serialize, deserialize and validate payloads
  • Add roles as a top-level key in user metadata
  • Configure Email Magic Links in the way that works best for your company
  • Use Cerbos’ stateless authorization for fine-tuned roles and permissions

Check out the full post and demo on Cerbos’ blog!

About Cerbos

Cerbos is an open source access control system that can handle complicated business logic through simple configuration. It allows customers to plug it into their existing stack as a decoupled service.


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