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Switched to Stytch’s flexible flows in only 4 days

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Co-founders Roberto Rey and Walter González Domenzain started Boletomóvil for a simple reason: they love sports, but buying tickets for a game in Mexico — even through an online system like Ticketmaster — involved a multi-step process that made users jump between digital and physical points of sale. They decided Mexico needed an easy, fully digital ticketing experience for all events, with smooth authentication flows to make transactions fast, frictionless, and secure. 

With Stytch, they get turnkey passcodes that support popular, international messaging platforms like WhatsApp — plus “just-in-time” auth that only adds friction when it’s absolutely necessary, driving a better UX and higher conversion rates.

Partnership highlights:

  • Speedy integration: it took Boletomóvil only four days to switch to Stytch from their previous auth provider, even as they created a whole new front end.
  • WhatsApp support: Boletomóvil had trouble finding an auth provider that covers WhatsApp, the most common messaging platform in Mexico — but Stytch delivered.
  • Smooth UX: with Stytch’s route-based, “just-in-time” approach to auth, verification flows are reserved for sensitive actions like making payments, reducing overall friction.

Stytch products:


In the ticketing world, the ability to act quickly and decisively on customer interest is critical to success.

“Entertainment is all about experiences and emotions,” said Rey. “People get excited about events, and the timeframe to convert their excitement into a ticket sale is short. A fast, frictionless authentication flow is a must to ensure high conversion rates.”

Initially, Boletomóvil used Firebase for SMS-based authentication, with the expectation that they’d also have login options through WhatsApp — Mexico’s most popular messaging app. But before long, their auth costs started rising, and their WhatsApp support vanished altogether.

“As we added more users, we noticed unexplained spikes in pricing,” said Rey. “Plus, we needed the WhatsApp integration, since WhatsApp is huge in Mexico. Having a WhatsApp option is the only way to ensure a smooth, successful login process for everyone.”

With that, Boletomóvil began looking for an alternative auth provider that could meet their needs.


Boletomóvil learned about Stytch through their participation in the Y Combinator accelerator program and knew they had found their auth partner. Stytch was the only provider offering fair, transparent pricing, simple integrations, and reliable WhatsApp flows for international customers.

“There are few authentication providers on the market offering an API for WhatsApp,” said Rey. “With the others, the pricing wasn’t very clear, and the integrations seemed complex. So, when we found Stytch and read through their straightforward documentation, it was a very quick decision.”

Now, Boletomóvil enjoys out-of-the-box SMS and WhatsApp Passcodes that are easy to navigate, provide authentication that’s both flexible and secure, and — best of all — support the messaging platforms customers in Mexico actually use.


A quick transition from Firebase to Stytch

Boletomóvil had a team of four replace their old Firebase flows with Stytch’s Passcodes. And, thanks to Stytch’s simple documentation, it took them under a week to implement from end to end.

“Short, precise docs make all the difference for a great integration experience,” said Rey. “Stytch’s docs were a breeze, and their illustrations and code examples helped a lot. It took us only four days to switch from Firebase to Stytch, and we created a whole new front end for the integration.”

Flexible flows with global reach and strict security

Rey explained how turnkey access to WhatsApp logins has transformed Boletomóvil’s business (and their users’ experience) for the better.

“Before, we’d have many users who couldn’t log in because they never received their SMS code,” he said. “Now that we can use WhatsApp, too, the entire process is more reliable. We used to see a constant demand for user support, but that has disappeared since partnering with Stytch.”

What’s more, Stytch’s passwordless product suite is both modular and robust, so Boletomóvil can offer multiple login options without compromising on security.

“In the past, flexibility meant allowing users to connect through different social platforms — but that led to people opening multiple accounts, which posed a major problem for our platform,” said Rey. “With Stytch, we get the same level of flexibility without the security risks.”

Friction only when necessary

Stytch supports “just-in-time” authentication, which only requires users to sign up or log in when they’re carrying out sensitive tasks like entering payment details. That means Boletomóvil can give users free, frictionless access to their platform for low-risk, read-only activities.

“With Stytch, we only ask for an authentication factor when users are making a purchase,” said Rey. “Otherwise, they can navigate smoothly across our app without experiencing any added friction.”

What’s next

Boletomóvil is growing fast, and they know Stytch’s forward-thinking solutions will continue to support them as they add innovative services to their platform.

“We recently launched Bilma, our new NFT marketplace, and we’re rolling out NFT collections in partnership with major sports teams,” said Rey. “We’re excited to try Stytch’s crypto wallet solutions and learn how Web3 options like MetaMask logins can help our customers pay with digital assets.”

The bottom line

With Stytch, Boletomóvil gets flexible, turnkey passcodes that authenticate users in a way that’s frictionless, secure, and channeled through the messaging platforms international customers actually use.

What can Stytch do for you?

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