One-Time Passcodes (OTP)

Build effortless auth experiences

Use our API and SDKs to sign up and log in your users with a simple and secure One-Time Passcode — via SMS, WhatsApp, or email. OTP can be used as a standalone authentication factor or for 2FA.
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SMS Passcodes

Authenticate in a snap

Create seamless mobile experiences with SMS Passcodes. With autofill on Android and iOS, your users don’t even need to enter the One-Time Passcode manually.
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WhatsApp Passcodes

Log in anywhere, at any time

Global by design and with a network used by 3 billion people — WhatsApp Passcodes remove the deliverability issues that impact text messages internationally.
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Email Passcodes

Power passwordless authentication on email

Use Email Passcodes on both desktop and mobile, unlock seamless cross-device log ins, and leverage multiple integration options.
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Drive conversion

Deliver a first-class authentication user experience to your users all over the world. No passwords needed.

Balance security & usability

Increasing the difficulty and cost of account takeover attacks, One-Time Passcodes are safer than password-based authentication options. For both users and businesses.

Be flexible

Use One-Time Passcodes as a primary factor or as a two-factor authentication option.

How it works

One-Time Passcodes, made easy

Integrate Stytch One-Time Passcodes as your authentication solution, without lengthy build times. An OTP is super flexible — it can be used as a primary authentication factor or for MFA.

Our platform

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