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Launches no-code forms and flows with Stytch's turnkey solutions

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Peter Dun founded Feathery on the idea that creating online forms like surveys, applications, and in-app onboarding flows shouldn’t require separate teams of software engineers and product developers. He envisioned a simpler approach that would allow product teams to take direct ownership of their content without hand-coding and complicated buildouts.

Feathery needed an easy, secure way to create authentication flows for customer-facing forms and applications as well as authenticate their own users on their platform. Having recently achieved SOC-2 compliance, the company looked for an authentication provider with a similar vision and the same high standards for protecting customer data. They found the perfect partner in Stytch.

Stytch’s authentication platform delivers exactly what Feathery needs to advance their product roadmap: a low-friction, passwordless solution that prioritizes both ease of use and enhanced security.

Partnership highlights:

  • Higher conversions: Stytch’s platform enables one-click sign-up and logins for all of Feathery’s customers and end-users, increasing both conversion and retention rates.
  • Quick, customizable solutions: Stytch’s SDK allows Feathery to get up and running quickly while still tailoring their forms to their customers’ unique business needs.
  • Effortless integration: Feathery integrated with Stytch in two ways — on the front end using Stytch’s Javascript SDK and on the back end using direct API calls — all in a matter of days.
  • Exceptional customer service: Stytch’s engineering team made themselves available throughout the integration process and continue to offer hands-on support.

Stytch products:


Feathery’s challenge was to implement a powerful, secure auth solution that would be easy for their internal team as well as their customers’ product teams and end-users to navigate. The right provider would have a strong reputation and offer robust, customizable solutions for online forms and flows.

“We wanted a great authentication solution that would work for our customers and support our own team. Our mission is to enable companies to quickly build and launch customizable flows and forms. We want to unburden engineering teams, who need to focus on core competencies, while giving true ownership to product teams.”

Peter Dun, CEO and founder of Feathery


Feathery partnered with Stytch to launch their core offerings and selected two products to get started:

Email Magic Links: With Stytch’s one-click login solution, Feathery frees users from having to store or remember unique passwords. Thanks to the ease and convenience of magic links, they’ve been able to boost both conversion and retention rates.

OAuth Logins: With Stytch’s secure OAuth framework, Feathery’s users can sign up and log in with familiar IdP membership credentials through Google, Apple, or Facebook — instead of having to create a complex new password.

“We want to lead the way with a best-in-class signup form and onboarding activation process. Stytch has definitely helped us move forward, thanks to products like their Email Magic Links and OAuth.”

Michael Kilcullen, founding marketer at Feathery


Feathery completed the integration in just a few days, finding the process seamless and saving Feathery’s engineering team at least a week of work. Feathery has since been able to realize their vision for secure and easy-to-use forms and flows for all of their customers.

Unlocking ownership for product teams

In a traditional paradigm, product teams harbor the vision, but it’s up to the engineers to build out the forms and make any modifications. Even a simple color change requires an engineering team’s time and resources. Once Feathery joined forces with Stytch, they no longer needed to adhere to this outdated and inefficient approach. Thanks to Stytch’s solutions, product developers now have control over the vision and execution of customer-facing forms.

Ensuring the highest level of security

As a SOC-2-compliant SaaS company, Feathery needs a partner who values data security just as much as they do. Stytch’s one-click sign-on and OAuth features meet their criteria for user-friendly solutions that also reinforce security. Because of Stytch, Feathery’s forms no longer require their users to remember or securely store unique credentials, eliminating the risk of password-based cyber attacks like account takeovers.

Delivering flexibility and customization

Stytch’s turnkey SDK and direct API integrations facilitate seamless and secure solutions that can easily be customized. Feathery’s product team can adapt the flexible SDK templates by adding a logo, colors, and fonts to reflect each customer’s brand identity.

“Having access to an actual SDK has been a game-changer for us. It takes care of operations like caching the client site authentication, but without the need for manual intervention, which as we know, doesn’t always go so well.”

Michael Kilcullen, founding marketer at Feathery

The bottom line

With Stytch’s support, Feathery has the robust tools they need to authenticate their own users, build secure auth flows into their customer-facing forms, and empower product teams.

What can Stytch do for you?

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