Make a memorable first impression with messaging from Enveloop + Stytch



Stytch Team

April 24, 2023

The two logos for Stytch and Enveloop, side by side

Enveloop understands that it’s not enough to have a great app – you need stellar user communications too. That’s why they’ve created an API-first, developer-focused message builder that helps engineers create user messages as elegant as their tech.

But as we know at Stytch, user communications – especially emails – can do so much more than just send copy. They can log you in, passwordlessly and seamlessly.

In a new blogpost, Enveloop walks you through how to combine their sharp, easy-to-use messaging platform with Stytch’s Email Magic Links, all for a smoother user experience and higher conversion.

Check out the blog today! 


About Enveloop

Enveloop is a developer-focused message builder and API that makes it easy to design & send beautiful emails and texts from your app using one simple implementation. And you don’t have to be a designer — we’re focused on making developers look awesome.

Read more about Enveloop on their website, docs, or create an account to get started today. 


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