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Turns robust crypto security into seamless onboarding with Stytch's OTPs

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Ottr is an intuitive, all-in-one web3 mobile wallet for people who aren't yet crypto-savvy. It works like a decentralized Venmo, allowing users to send USDC easily and instantly to anyone in the world while enjoying fee-free crypto trading and high-yield crypto rewards.

As a decentralized platform unshackled to a financial institution, Ottr doesn't have custody of users' holdings, reducing the risk of mismanaged funds. Security is the cornerstone of their business, and they need an authentication partner that keeps assets safe without disrupting the frictionless experience users have come to expect from consumer finance apps.

Partnership highlights

  • A readymade solution: With Stytch's helpful team at their back, Ottr got critical sign up and log in flows up and running within three weeks of development.
  • Turnkey, but tailorable: Unlike rigid auth solutions, Stytch's flexible templates allow Ottr to customize the verification flows and messages they send their users.
  • Global support: Stytch supports international messaging platforms like WhatsApp and offers international coverage, an important feature for Ottr's global user base.

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With most crypto wallets, users are required to generate complex private keys and manually back them up to ensure security and access. These are tough tasks to perform on the go, leading many mobile users to either risk losing their keys (and their assets) or abandon the sign up flow.

Rather than making users responsible for their own security, Ottr automatically backs up encrypted keys to the cloud. Not only is this flow built into Ottr's app, it's completely passwordless. That means users don't have any secrets they need to remember to access and manage their funds, and they're not vulnerable to hackers who can easily intercept weak or recycled credentials.

Ottr decided to use one-time passcodes (OTPs) to support their authentication and encryption system. There was just one problem. With AWS as their auth provider, they only had access to Amazon Cognito, an inflexible, difficult-to-integrate OTP solution that would quickly eat up their development time and resources.

That's when Ottr's founder and CEO, Aleksei Zakharov, saw an ad for Stytch at a San Francisco bus stop — and the rest is history.


Stytch's turnkey templates got Ottr's sign up and log in flows operational in less than three weeks. Now, Ottr uses Stytch's One-Time Passcodes via SMS, email, and WhatsApp to verify users in just a few clicks. It's a smooth, friction-free process that yields over 80% conversion rates at onboarding.

With Cognito, Ottr's developers were locked into a rigid design. But Stytch's flexible solutions allow them to customize elements like email subject lines to their specific branding and user journeys — small nuances that go a long way when it comes to building trust and loyalty.

Also unlike Cognito, Stytch provides coverage across international messaging platforms and communication providers, an important feature given Ottr's global reach. Plus, Stytch offers built-in failover logic and cost-saving volume discounts that wouldn't be available with an in-house build.

Ottr is so pleased with the outcome that they're looking to integrate other Stytch solutions — like TOTP Authenticator Apps and Strong CAPTCHA solutions — into their flows for users who want an extra layer of security without the extra headaches.

“Stytch's One-Time Passcodes helps us hide the details of authentication and encryption deep within our app. Our front-end experience is passwordless and frictionless, so users around the world can manage their crypto assets without having to worry about their private keys. They get all the benefits of a robust security protocol, but without any of the hassle.”

Aleksei Zakharov, founder and CEO, Ottr


So, what has Stytch accomplished for Ottr? The numbers speak for themselves:

  • 3 weeks to launch: Thanks to Stytch's out-of-the-box solutions, Ottr got their essential auth flows off the ground quickly, while still leaving room for customization.
  • 2 minutes to onboard: The average user takes less than two minutes to complete Ottr's entire onboarding flow using Stytch's simple One-Time Passcodes.
  • 80%+ conversions: Thanks to Stytch's passwordless, frictionless flows, a vast majority of new users complete Ottr's onboarding process and go on to engage with their app.

The bottom line

With Stytch, Ottr is able to offer an intuitive, consumer-friendly crypto wallet, without compromising on the powerful protections it takes to safeguard users' digital assets.

What can Stytch do for you?

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