Setting up SCIM with Microsoft Entra

SCIM requests are sent from a workforce IdP to Stytch, so the first step is to create a test instance with a popular workforce IdP like Microsoft Entra.

1Create application in Entra

If you don’t already have an application in Entra, you can create one by navigating to “Applications” → “Enterprise Applications” and selecting “create your own application”.

Go to Entra App Catalog to create SCIM app

In the app creation flow, input a name for your application and select “Integrate any other application you didn’t find in the gallery).

Create your SCIM application in Microsoft Entra

2Enable autometic provisioning

Once you have an application, you can enable SCIM by clicking on “Provisioning” on the left hand management side bar, or “Provision User Accounts” under the Getting Started section.

In Entra app navigate to Provisioning

On the next view click “Get started” and then switch the provisioning mode from “Manual” to “Automatic”.

Select automatic provisioning mode in Entra SCIM app

You will then be prompted to input Admin Credentials.

3Create Stytch SCIM Connection

Create a new Microsoft Entra SCIM Connection in Stytch in the dashboard

Create Microsoft Entra SCIM Connection In Stytch

Alternatively you can create through the Create SCIM Connection API – specifying Microsoft Entra as the IdP:

    "display_name": "Example Display Name",
    "idp": "microsoft-entra"
Entra Connection Credentials from Stytch

4Configure SCIM Credentials in Entra

Taking the values from your Stytch SCIM connection, enter the returned base_url as the “Tenant URL” and the bearer_token as the “Secret Token”.

If you did not specify an IdP when creating the SCIM Connection, you must append ?aadOptscim062020 to the returned BaseURL, in order to flag the application into Entra’s SCIM 2.0 compliant version.

Input admin credentials for SCIM with Microsoft Entra

Click Test Connection and then save.

Once you’ve saved, click back into “Provisioning”, verify the Mapping and Settings. Within the users mappings, ensure you are mapping objectId to externalId. Next, turn Provisioning Status to “On”.

Enable provisioning for Entra SCIM

5Provision users

Once saved, you can test the SCIM integration by Assigning/Removing people from the application and seeing these changes propagate to your Stytch Member records. Entra does automatic syncing on a 40 minute timer, but you can also provision on demand to speed up testing.

Provision on demand with Entra for testing

6(Optional) Configure webhooks

To notify your own system of changes that occur via SCIM, you can configure webhooks.