OAuth identity providers

OAuth is an authentication protocol that enables Organizations to use third-party applications as identity providers for authenticating their Members.

The table below lists the OAuth providers supported by our B2B SaaS Authentication API.

Don't see an OAuth provider you need for your B2B SaaS application? We’re actively accepting requests for new OAuth providers! Please email us or post in our community if you are looking for an OAuth provider that is not currently listed.

The access_token will be used to authenticate calls for a given user with the provider.

The refresh_token, if returned, will allow you to refresh a given session and keep it active. If the session lapses, you'll need to prompt the user to log in again via Stytch with the provider.

Log in with Google enables your users to authenticate though the same Google Workspace. Regardless of what domain, do this by enabling oAuth app access.


  • open_id
  • email
  • profile


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