Access Management

Access Management

Looking to build fine-grained authorization into your product? Whether your customers need to authorize access based on user roles and permissions, or gate specific resources with additional security, Stytch makes it easy and fast to implement secure access management with whichever RBAC provider you choose (including when you build RBAC in-house!).
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Uplevel your app's authorization

For most applications, it’s critical not only to verify that your customers’ users are who they say they are, but that they’re given access to the right resources at the right times. Access management tools help give your customers the control and customizability they crave, while reducing overhead and admin time for them – and your team.

Flexibility meets fine-grained controls

Stytch’s B2B suite fully supports integration with any authorization or RBAC provider, so your customers can customize their roles, permissions, and resource gating according to their needs:
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Role Based Access Controls (RBAC)

Stytch enables RBAC with trusted_metadata, making it easy and straightforward to specify permissions by whatever category or grouping you need to specify. We integrate easily with RBAC providers like Oso and Cerbos.
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Step-up authentication

For more sensitive information, Stytch provides step-up authentication that can be tailored to specific roles, actions, and assets, so you only introduce additional friction when absolutely necessary. This lets you create a streamlined and secure authentication and authorization process for your customers, with reduced friction and more fine-grained protection.
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Flexible session management

Our session management solution allows you to tailor your session flow to your product, whether that’s with session tokens or JWTs, trusted or untrusted metadata, or custom claims.

Your auth partner for the long-haul

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.
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Boost security

With Stytch, you get full protection across the entire authentication and authorization process, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools.
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A unified platform

In addition to offering a full-coverage access management platform, Stytch offers complete B2B and B2C auth support with must-haves like organization management and single sign on. We also provide a complete spectrum of authentication and security solutions like passwordless login, breach-resistant passwords, multi-factor-authentication, and bot & fraud protection.
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Save time

We prioritize customer support and lightning-fast integration, so your team can get auth up and running ASAP and get back to building your product.


We build all of our products developer-first, so you can get up and running in hours and minutes, not months. This includes:


Is Stytch themselves an RBAC/authorization provider?

No. Instead, we make it easy to leverage Stytch in conjunction with your company’s preferred RBAC model or third party authorization solution. You keep the RBAC model you know and love, while gaining access to all of Stytch’s authentication and session management tools.

Can I attach metadata or roles to users?

Yes! Stytch offers custom Metadata objects on each Stytch User and custom claims on our Sessions to allow you to store and access your metadata (like roles and permissions) where you need it.

What other services does Stytch offer for B2B companies?

We offer a complete suite of B2B auth solutions, including organization and user management, single sign on (with both SAML and OIDC, compatible with any identity provider), and a host of security and fraud prevention tools as well. To learn how these might all work together in a custom solution for your product, talk to an auth expert today.