Organization Management

Org tenancy that grows with you

B2B customers think, speak, and operate in terms of organizations. Stytch makes it easy for your team to build secure, future-proof, and flexible organization tenancy your customers will value.
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Future-proof your B2B platform

A B2B SaaS company’s org tenancy architecture can make or break deals with prospective customers. To provide the best experience to their customers, a B2B company’s org data structure needs to let their customers manage memberships, customize and configure settings, and structure teams and roles with the utmost ease and efficiency.
Most importantly, growth-minded B2B companies need an org data model that will scale with them: it’s one thing to have org management when your customers are all startups or SMBs, but it’s a more complex challenge when you start moving upmarket with enterprise clients. B2B companies can future-proof their product by investing early in an organization management system that will serve them in the long run.

Low-friction, high-security, infinitely customizable

Stytch provides low-friction, high-security auth at your fingertips.
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Stytch lets end users either self-onboard or get added manually, so you can provide your B2B customers with more choice and flexibility.
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Members can be invited to join, or can be granted an account with just-in-time provisioning to avoid unnecessary overhead or administrative bloat.
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Similar to our B2C offerings, Stytch lets you use session tokens, JWTs, or a hybrid approach for session management, allowing you to optimize for convenience and security.
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Organization auth settings

Stytch supports storing and enforcing several authentication settings for each organization, including approved authentication methods (so users are only authenticated in ways your customers specify), invites (so customers can specify who can be invited to the organization by email), and approved domains (to make it easier for users from certain companies to self-register).
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Stytch supports SSO connections with organizations, so you can integrate seamlessly with your customer’s identity provider. Whether you want to support SAML or OIDC, regardless of the identity provider your customers work with, we have you covered.

Your auth partner for the long-haul

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.
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Boost security

With Stytch, you get full protection across the entire authentication and authorization process, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools.
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A unified platform

In addition to offering a comprehensive org management platform, Stytch offers complete B2B auth support with must-haves like access management and single sign on. We also provide a full spectrum of authentication and security solutions like passwordless login, breach-resistant Passwords, multi-factor authentication, and bot & fraud protection.
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Save time

We prioritize customer support and lightning-fast integration, so your team can get auth up and running ASAP and get back to building your product.


We build all of our products developer-first, so you can get up and running in hours and minutes, not months. This includes:


How configurable is each org management setting?

Every organization can have its own fine-grained settings, including approved authentication methods, just-in-time provisioning, and other controls.

Which SSO protocols does Stytch support with org management?

We support both SAML and OIDC!

Does Stytch work with any identity providers?

We work with all of them!

Can I bring my own multi-tenant data model and just use Stytch for SSO?

Absolutely. Our single sign on solution integrates well as a standalone product or alongside other Stytch products. Though if you have any questions or complaints about your current organization management solution, we’d love to chat about how we can help.

Can I store metadata on a member?

Yes! The amount and type of data you store will depend on which SSO protocol your customers use, so make sure you have a good understanding of what your customer-base is looking for when discussing your org management solution with one of our auth experts.