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Sign up & log in with one click

Create one-click signups and effortless logins for your users with Email Magic Links, elevating your app experience and boosting conversions.
Screenshot of login request from Money App
Screenshot of login request from Money App


Streamline your authentication process

Our advanced API integrates with your app to streamline your login sequence with Email Magic Links. A few lines of code are all that’s needed to unlock passwordless authentication, simplifying the account creation process and making 'forgot password' a thing of the past.
Our detailed documentation supports a smooth integration, allowing you to implement a secure authentication flow that's in complete harmony with your codebase. Our direct API integration ensures a bespoke auth experience, offering full code control and maximum flexibility.
Magic links curl request code example


Customize the authentication interface

Our SDKs offer pre-built UI templates that are production-ready, allowing you to customize login and signup forms to match your brand's ethos and seamlessly weave in Email Magic Links that ensure the user's email address becomes the key to a secure, passwordless login.
Align the magic link authentication experience with your brand's visuals while upholding the utmost security standards and user convenience. By adopting our SDKs, you craft an authentication flow that not only resonates with your aesthetic but also fortifies account security.
Screenshot of login request from Light House

How Email Magic Links work

Email Magic Links authenticate users through a seamless login experience by sending a unique, one-time-use "magic” link to the user's email address. When the user clicks this magic link, they are authenticated and granted access to the application, eliminating the need for remembering complex passwords and enhancing the user experience.
The mechanism behind magic links is straightforward yet secure. When a user enters their email address to log in or sign up, the application generates a magic link containing an embedded token. This magic link is then sent to the user's email inbox, ensuring that only the owner of the email account can gain access by clicking the magic link.
Using magic links as an authentication method significantly increases account security. Since the magic link is a one-time token that expires after use, it protects against password-based attacks and unauthorized access, making it a highly secure authentication method.
Stych offers both a highly customizable API integration and a more low-lift SDK to suit your needs.

Why Email Magic Links

Email Magic Links offer a swift, one-click authentication process, enhancing security and user experience with minimal integration effort.

Drive conversion

Elevate your platform's user conversion and retention rates with one-click logins. With just a single click, users can authenticate their identity using a secure magic link sent directly to their email address, bypassing the need to create, remember, or enter passwords.
This simplicity not only enhances the user experience but also significantly reduces user friction, making it easier for users to sign up, log in, and engage with your app, leading to higher conversion rates and improved user loyalty.

Protect your app & users

Protect your application and its users from the vulnerabilities and risks associated with password management by adopting Email Magic Links as your primary authentication method. As a passwordless authentication system, Email Magic Links eliminates the need for users to store passwords, thus reducing the likelihood of account takeovers.
By utilizing Email Magic Links, you ensure that each login attempt is authenticated through a unique, one-time-use link, which significantly enhances account security. This method not only secures the login process against unauthorized access but also safeguards user data from potential breaches, contributing to a more secure digital environment.

Customize your auth experience

Stytch simplifies the integration of Email Magic Links with its flexible API and SDKs, enabling quick customization of your authentication process to enhance app security and user experience. From embedding tokens in magic link emails to setting up multi-factor authentication, our platform is designed to meet your specific needs and align with your user experience goals.
In addition to technical integrations, Stytch offers fully customizable HTML email templates through its Dashboard, ensuring brand consistency without compromising deliverability. With features like logo uploads, font choices, and color adjustments, alongside essential accessibility tools, Stytch enables you to build a completely personalized authentication journey for all users.

Message delivery and provider failover

Stytch manages the delivery of crucial authentication communications like Magic Links, OTPs, and password resets via email, SMS, and WhatsApp, relieving engineering teams from the costly and complex task of scaling and managing these messaging services.
By employing a system of primary and secondary fallback messaging providers, Stytch ensures uninterrupted high deliverability rates. In the event of a primary provider's failure, Stytch seamlessly transitions to an alternative provider, guaranteeing that these critical messages consistently reach users without any disruption to your application's functionality.

How it works

The one-and-done secure authentication method for signups, logins & invites

Stych Email Magic Links makes it easier for users to engage with your platform without the hassle of remembering passwords. By employing Email Magic Links, you significantly enhance the likelihood of user follow-through for various actions, from account creation to daily logins.

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