OAuth Authentication Logins

Add seamless OAuth to your onboarding experience

Use our API and SDKs to integrate single sign-on options (SSO) from 3rd party identity providers and create familiar and low-friction authentication experiences.
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Social logins

Use our direct API or flexible SDKs to integrate popular social logins like Log in with Google, Facebook, and Apple and other third-party providers into your app, and increase sign-up rates upwards of +20%. Perfect for direct-to-consumer and SaaS apps.
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Dev logins

For the fellow dev tool startups out there, we support Log ins with Github, GitLab and BitBucket, which are suitable for use as a standalone authentication option or second factor to strengthen security.
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Google One Tap

Improve sign up & log in conversion with Google One Tap

Google One Tap detects your user’s logged-in Chrome or Gmail session and gives them the option to continue with one of their recognized accounts.
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Increase signups

Introduce popular OAuth options like Google, Facebook, Apple, and Microsoft to drive user engagement and conversion.

Balance security & usability

Stop your users from creating a new password for your site that they might reuse across many services, and reduce risk of account takeover and credential stuffing attacks.

Control your user experience

With flexible integration options, you can fully own the OAuth experience through our front-end SDKs and direct API.

How it works

Replace passwords with single sign-on auth options

OAuth allows a user with an existing account like Google, Apple, Facebook, etc. to easily sign up and log in to your application without the need to juggle usernames or passwords.

Our platform

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Pick the product that’s most suited to your app and user experience by choosing from a range of options.