Auth for Consumer Tech

Ramp up security & usability for your app

Onboard and authenticate your users, subscribers, or fans seamlessly and securely with Stytch’s authentication solutions.

Built for high-growth media & consumer brands

credential stuffing attacks in media between 2018 and 2019.
online gaming was the most attacked industry in 2020, with a 33% attack rate.
logins breached from 16 media companies just in February 2019.
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Boost app security with modern auth solutions

Media is a common target of Account Takeover (ATO), credential stuffing, and brute force attacks. Stytch's authentication products raise the bar and help prevent data breaches.

lost by media companies in annual revenue from fraudulent credential sharing.

of 13-24 year olds share passwords with friends for media services.

increase in conversion from embedding auth in an email marketing campaign.
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Bolster security with built-in fraud detection

Provide attributes to help with fraud detection — make your IP address or user agent match the request used to send the magic link or passcode.

Turn prospects into users

Embed one-click authentication in your comms, and improve conversion from email and SMS marketing campaigns. Magic Link tokens can be embedded into CTAs, making it easy for your users to jump into your app without having to authenticate — they’ll already be logged in.

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