Auth for Web3

Frictionless, multi-chain auth for Web3

Choose the building blocks for your ideal Web3 authentication experience across chains — with an intuitive UI for customers, and a seamless integration for developers.

Trusted by leading Web3 companies

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Improve your end user experience & grow your user base

Streamline onboarding and authentication flows to Web3 with a suite of simple passwordless and password-based products.

Drive growth with seamless sign up & log in

Remove stumbling blocks to user onboarding and improve account creation rates with seamless Ethereum and Solana integrations.
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Meet Vessel — Stytch’s consumer wallet

A passport for the internet, Vessel lets your users explore the web — both Web2 and Web3 — without passwords or seed phrases. Users can manage their digital identity and crypto assets in one encrypted browser extension.

We take your security & privacy seriously

Stytch is certified to the highest industry standards — protecting you and your customers' privacy. We regularly complete third-party SOC2 Type II audits and offer HIPAA BAA agreements to companies operating in the healthcare industry. Stytch fully supports companies that require PCI compliance for their vendors. Additionally, utilizing the Stytch services can help you meet PSD2 and strong customer authentication requirements.
For. more information on Stytch's security and compliance practices, refer to the Security section of our Docs.

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