TOTP Authenticator Apps

Take your app’s security to the next level

Add an extra level of security for critical services by requiring your users to prove possession of their device.
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Authenticator Apps

Ensure your users are who they say they are

Time-Based One-Time Passcodes (TOTPs) are generated by authenticator apps, like Google Authenticator. The app is tied to a user’s device, preventing issues like SIM swapping, which can occur with SMS One-Time Passcodes.
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Build secure transactions

Make your users demonstrate control of their original device to carry out sensitive transactions.
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Delight your users

Offer power users the security features they want without wasting engineering time.
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Integrate with ease

Integrate with our API or SDKs in an afternoon, customizing as little or as much as you'd like.

How it works

Time-Based One-Time Passcodes for maximum security

Add an additional safeguard by tying authentication to your user’s device instead of their phone number.

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