Web3 Authentication Logins

Frictionless user auth with Web3 Logins

Meet your users where they are by offering Web3 authentication options alongside traditional Web2 options. Use our API or SDKs to enable your users to log in to your app with their Solana or Ethereum crypto wallets.
Screenshot of web web3 sign up or login
Screenshot of web web3 sign up or login

Ethereum Authentication

Log in with Ethereum

Onboard and authenticate your users using any of their Ethereum-based wallets (Log in with Metamask, MyEtherWallet, etc). Direct API and SDK support available.

Solana Authentication

Log in with Solana

Enable seamless, secure authentication across any Solana crypto wallet (Phantom, Glow Wallet, etc.). Log in with Solana works for both Web2 and Web3 applications.


Your passport for the internet

Vessel lets your users explore the web — both Web2 and Web3 — without passwords or seed phrases. Users can manage their digital identity and crypto assets in one encrypted browser extension.
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Screenshot of Vessel passport connect
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Increase signups

Add support for popular Ethereum and Solana crypto wallets to drive your user engagement and conversion.

Adapt & enhance auth logic

Integrate crypto wallet auth alongside any of Stytch’s other passwordless products for greater end user protection.

Get up and running, fast

Use our docs and build crypto wallet auth in an afternoon. Spend your dev cycles building your product, not auth.

How it works

Crypto wallet authentication, made easy

Let your users authenticate themselves via their crypto wallets, in whatever flow suits your app best. Ethereum and Solana are both supported.

Our platform

Explore other authentication products

Pick the product that’s most suited to your app and user experience by choosing from a range of options.