Managing your users at Stytch



January 6, 2022

Author: Christopher O'Neill


So you integrated with Stytch, you have a buttery smooth onboarding experience for new users, and best of all…you had a ton of users sign up for your app! Awesome, you’re done! Wait, exactly how many users signed up for your app? Were they using your SMS passcode flow on mobile or using Email magic links on desktop?

Good news! We just released User management in the Stytch Dashboard and our Search users endpoint in our API to help give you complete visibility into all of your users at Stytch so you can answer questions like the above.

User management in the Dashboard

With User management in the Dashboard we wanted to give our developers an out of the box way to view all of their users at Stytch and filter or search across them. We allow filtering your users based on their status, i.e. active or pending, and you can search across your users on name, user_id, email address, and phone number.

You can also click on any user’s row and see detailed information about that specific user.

Search users endpoint

A lot of customers have reached out to us asking for an API endpoint that would let them search and filter their users for a variety of use cases; huge thanks to those developers, we love hearing your feedback!

Our Search users endpoint allows you to leverage seventeen different filters to pinpoint any slice of your users in Stytch. Check out our Docs to see all of the available filters and multiple example requests. We also released this endpoint in our Node and Go client libraries, both have helper functions to make pagination super easy!

We’d love feedback

Both of these features were born out of direct feedback from developers using Stytch, we love hearing about what you want and how you use our API. If you have any feedback or feature requests (or spy any bugs ???? ), please reach out to us on our community Slack, Discord, or!


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