Breach-Resistant Passwords

Stop account takeovers with breach-resistant Passwords

Compromised passwords lead to data breach. Strengthen your password flows and protect user credentials with Stytch’s breach-resistant Passwords solution.
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Why breach-resistance

A data breach is when someone — typically a hacker — gains unauthorized access to sensitive or confidential information. By anticipating our human tendency towards password reuse, Stytch has built breach-resistant layers into our Passwords solution so you can protect your users against using weak and compromised credentials and prevent data breaches.
of data breaches stem from stolen or weak passwords, largely because password reuse is such an ingrained behavior –– over half of users reuse the same password across multiple accounts, opening up the possibility of attack.

More resistance with less friction

With Stytch, you can get ahead of password breaches before they happen. We’ve built breach-resistance into our Passwords design through a range of enhancements, including modern hashing methods, salting, and built-in credential compromise detection to protect your app from data breaches.

Stronger passwords

Make it easy for your users to generate a strong, secure password that’s hard for bots to guess. Stytch’s built-in zxcvbn strength assessment tool is a simple way to ensure that passwords created adhere to NIST password guidelines.

Compromised password protection

Prevent your users from setting and using passwords that have been compromised. Stytch integrates with HaveIBeenPwned to track compromised credentials and trigger a password reset if needed.

Easier, more intuitive password resets

Studies have shown that 75% of users who initiate a password reset flow won’t finish it due to the handful of friction-filled steps involved. To solve for this, Stytch’s password resets include an Email Magic Link login option to bypass the cumbersome reset process.

Account deduplication

Allow your users to change authentication methods at login, without mistakenly creating a new account.

Your auth partner for the long-haul

Our platform helps you build secure onboarding and authentication experiences that retain and engage your users. We build the infrastructure, so you can focus on your product.
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Boost security

With Stytch, you get full protection across the entire authentication and authorization process, as well as a suite of fraud & risk tools.
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A unified platform

In addition to offering breach-resistant Passwords, Stytch also provides a full suite of passwordless options and other features like session management, MFA, and bot prevention.
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Save time

We prioritize customer support and lightning-fast integration, so your team can get auth up and running ASAP and get back to building your product.


We build all of our products developer-first, so you can get up and running in hours and minutes, not months. This includes:


Does Stytch’s breach-resistant password solution cost extra?

There's no extra cost – our breach-resistant Passwords solution is available with every plan.

What password hashing algorithms does Stytch support for migrations?

We currently support bcrypt, scrypt, argon2i, argon2id, md_5, and sha_1 for migrations. But we’re always excited to support our customers better, so if there are hashing algorithms you’d like to see here, let us know!

And if you’d like to learn more about these algorithms or experiment with them, check out our developer tool.

Let us know if you’re interested in Stytch support for additional hashing algorithms at our Community Forum or via our Slack Community.

How does Stytch secure stored passwords?

Stytch salts and hashes all passwords using Scrypt, before storing in an encrypted database that we manage. With Scrypt, we’re able to maximize security without compromising on performance.